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She was amazed and grateful for this…

I recently was performing an exam on a woman suffering from years of terrible migraines.

I’m not the first doctor she’s seen. She had been to other chiropractors and therapist with no results.

Every day she gets a migraine. Imagine pain slowly creeping up from your shoulders as the day progresses.

By noon it’s a full-blown migraine.

She also has two small children at home. You can only imagine how hard it is to be a mom.

During the exam, I found a lot of hidden stress in her lower neck.

I say it was hidden because no other doctor was looking for it.

The stress I’m referring to was in her nervous system. Our computerized spinal scan found a massive amount of disturbance in the nerves in her lower neck.

I told her these are the very nerves that go all the way into her skull and can create migraines.

I told her we could definitely help and I expect a full recovery.

She admitted she was skeptical. I don’t blame her. Her previous treatments never worked.

I gave her an adjustment using our Integrator. I believe the Integrator by far the best and most precise way to adjust someone’s neck.

She walked in with a pain score of 8/10 and left with 2/10.

She said she’s never seen results like that with just one adjustment.

I also found that she wasn’t able to breathe correctly.

I pointed out how shallow and restricted her breathing was. She told me her breath felt strained for a long time but never told anyone.

It’s vital I investigate a person’s breathing to get results that last.

I corrected her breathing, and she immediately felt relaxed like she hadn’t in a very long time.

She also mentioned how all the tension had left her jaw after adjusting her.

I am grateful that she trusted me and tried another approach even though she was discouraged from all her previous care.

If you know someone like this, please be sure to let them know we can help.

Let me know if you need anything. Call or text me anytime.

Dr. Jeff