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Amazing Results With Iodine

I was amazed at how different I felt once I started using an iodine supplement.

My energy levels were amazing, my mind was clear and sharp, and my vision improved!

As a doctor, I’ve encountered hundreds of patients exhibiting signs of iodine deficiency. 

Weight gain, fatigue, mental fog, depression, mental decline, and various cancers can all be associated with low iodine levels. 

Iodine is most commonly known for its role in producing Thyroid Hormone. 

Your table salt is NOT an adequate source of iodine. Unfortunately, the medical field has gotten it wrong on salt. 

Salt is another essential mineral, but it’s been demonized by cardiologists for years despite their lack of research to back their claims. 

I believe iodine deficiency is an epidemic in our society. 

Iodine is an essential mineral vital in hormone production and is used by every cell in your body. 

For many people, an inexpensive iodine supplement would be life changing. 

I prefer using Nascent Iodine. You can find several great options on Amazon. 

You can reach out to me to help find the right product and dosage. 

-Dr. Jeff Grosskopf

Dr. Grosskopf